Re: Title changes and titlebar updates

On Thu, Jan 24, 2008 at 11:33:33AM +0100, Gabor Z. Papp wrote:
> * Peter Weilbacher <newsspam weilbacher org>:
> | That's not what I meant. The basic display of titles with UTF-8 characters
> | _is_ fixed in 1.3.2. But the width of the crux theme color bar and hence the
> | visible part of the title isn't updated correctly when switching tabs in
> | SeaMonkey. Not with bare 1.3.2 and not with your patch from this thread.
> I'm confirming this problem using microGUI theme with firefox.

I didn't see this with Firefox. Here's what I expect happens (though
again, it doesn't happen for me):
- the WM_NAME property is updated
- sawfish stores the new window title in win->name
- sawfish calls the theme's WM_NAME hook
- the theme requests the title name from sawfish
- sawfish returns the stored win->net_name value
- the window frame is rebuilt using the old _NET_WM_NAME value
- the _NET_WM_NAME property is updated
- sawfish stores the new window title in win->net_name
- sawfish looks for the theme's _NET_WM_NAME hook, and doesn't find any
- sawfish paints the updated win->net_name in the frame built for the
  previous title length

If this is correct, then I think that the only way (short of nasty
hacks in sawfish itself) of actually fixing the bug is making *all*
themes use (call-after-property-changed '_NET_WM_NAME ...) as well as
the 'WM_NAME variant. If you make this change in your theme yourself,
does it work any better? In other words, if the microGUI theme does

   '_NET_WM_NAME (lambda ()
			 (rebuild-frames-with-style 'microGUI)))
   'WM_NAME (lambda ()
			 (rebuild-frames-with-style 'microGUI))))

does anything change, with or without my change to ensure WM_NAME's hook
gets called?

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