Title changes and titlebar updates

Hi all,

I've installed sawfish 1.3.2, but I seem to be having a problem with the
netwm patch. When using the crux theme, the blue left part of the title
bar is supposed to end after the title. This still mostly works, but
when the title changes, the titlebar background does not get updated,
while it did without the netwm patch. I've tested sawfish with my
.sawfishrc completely removed, and using the default configuration. A
bit of web browsing in Firefox is enough to show the problem here. I
will be taking a look at what exactly the patch does myself, but if
anyone else can already see the problem, that would be great.

I don't normally use the Crux theme, but my theme places the close,
iconise, and maximise buttons immediately after the title ends, so they
also stopped moving.

(I wish I'd had the time to test sawfish before the release....)

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