Re: Tab support as experimental feature in 1.3.4 ?

On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 10:43 AM, Scott Scriven <sawfish-list toykeeper net> wrote:
The reason is that the title is drawn into a
frame part called "tab" instead of "title", and it depends on the
tab code (instead of the theme) to calculate the size/position of
that part.

Why don't put a "title" part in tabbed themes too? along with the "tab" part, but being overlapped by the tabs when the tabs are showing.
I did it while checking the feature and it does work. The tab gets on top on the title when the feature is active, overlapping it. The bad thing is that only the active tab does get on top of the title, the inactive ones, however, do not show.

But that, I think, it's rather a bug, since inactive tabs should be in the same layer as the active. There are also other cases that make the inactive tabs be overlapped by other windows, all those things should be fixed somehow, and make all the tabs be drawn at the same time.

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