Re: Is there anything comparable out-there?

leonerd leonerd org uk (2007-05-15 at 2236.34 +0100):
> > I'm a long time sawfish user and it is very sad for me that this
> > project is more-or-less dead.
> Was there some feature in particular you were looking for, some bug
> fixing, something changed?

Font/text support could get some polish, iirc only one Pango font
allowed at any time, still some issues with UTF8. Then there is a
general review to make things (naming, etc) more orthogonal. And about
features, compositor could be interesting for things like more snappy
feel or focus glow/shadow (I am not much into making a wm be 80s demo
scene, but it has some uses, and experiments could be nice, like doing
glow instead of shadow... I just remembered all the weird themes SF
had :] ... or interesting tricks like Metisse with its facades to
rearrange interfaces).


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