sawfish version numbres of next releases.

GSR - FR said:     (by the date of Sun, 1 Jul 2007 00:38:26 +0200)

> janek_listy wp pl (2007-06-30 at 2257.39 +0200):
> > 1. make a new sawfish release from current SVN, name it 2.0 since it
> >    is a release after many years.
> Just a cosmetic note: there was a v2 around 2002 from mail list post I
> have found (I remembered some fuzzy facts, so just searched)... so I
> would suggest avoiding it by keeping with 1.4 or even 1.3.1 if first
> changes are plain bugs and build process.
> Another option is jumping beyond 2, but maybe better when there is
> some real changes going on. In any case, better avoid confusions, it
> was enough when a 2 appeared and later SF went back to 1.something
> (Debian has a "replaces sawfish2" for 1:1.3+svn4194-1 and a lot of
> previous versions, ie).

Thanks for your note. Now when you say it, I think that I can recall
the incident, and my confusion about whether to "downgrade" the
debian package or not :)

Good to remember that. We can together decide about the number, when
we will have a wiki set-up, and other stuff ready. Some voting may be
involved as well :)

So we will have to vote for three things:

1. version number for a release from current SVN

2. version number for a followup release with build process and plain
   bug patches included.

3. version number for a new great sawfish, after adding some of the
   new things. Should be a bigger jump IMO, even if it's just a
   consolidated tab support into sawfish themes provided in the trunk,
   or just a very basic compiz/xgl support.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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