reviving sawfish development.

(sending again, to different email addres, I hope that this one will reach John)

Hello John,

I'm writing to you on behalf of our sawfish mailing list. Based on
recent discussions about sawfish development and SVN:

we have noticed that:

- there are some patches submitted to the list (even some time ago),
  which did not found their way to the SVN repository.

- some people use patched sawfish version, while sharing those
  patches with others is not too easy (more than just installing

- some other are working on fixing bugs (eg with AMD x64 compilation,
  etc) with no place to commit their fixes.

- every once and then someone comes, says that he plans to improve
  sawfish somehow, and asks if his improvements will be added to the

For instance you can have a look at:

There are more posts like that, but let it be enough.

Based on above we want to ask you to give an SVN access to the two
most active people on the mailing list. Also with the right for them
to add more people, depending on their opinion.

  Ian Zimmerman     - should become the new project leader

  Andrea Vettorello - should become a sawfish website maintainer 
                      (currently we are looking which wiki to use)

We belive that when you make this move, a better future will come for
the sawfish project and all of us - the sawfish users.

best regards ;)
Janek Kozicki

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