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John Harper said:     (by the date of Fri, 29 Jun 2007 09:55:35 -0700)

> okay, sure. It's unfair for me to hold you people back, so consider  
> this my resignation from sawfish "maintainership" - I'm sure you can  
> work out amongst yourselves how to proceed from here.
> I'm going to unsubscribe from this mailing list, so email me directly  
> if necessary. Someone will also need to take over ownership of the  
> list and deal with the admin requests, I can send them the mailman  
> password.

I didn't want things to go *that* far (you unsubscribing this list).
I'm sorry if I seemed a bit rude - that certainly wasn't my intention.

It's absolutely your right to make such decision, therefore since I
started this thread, I shall continue:

   1. mailing list

I will take care of this mailing list, you can see in the archives
that I'm third most active person here, so I suppose that I'll handle
this task without problems. I have signed this email with my public
PGP key, so if you wish you can send me the password in encrypted form.

   2. SVN repository

Since Ian is not sure about SVN repository you can first give the
access for me. I have sent a request to accounts gnome org, they
shall ask you for confirmation. And later I'll give the access to
people (like Ian) who wish to work on a new sawfish branch. So
development can continue without bothering you.


I suppose that also I will need to update 
about new releases. My account name on is cosurgi.
I have submitted a "Change owner" request to crew. They
shall contact you for the confirmation.


My account name on is cosurgi. You can add me to the project so I will upload there the
tarballs with new releases. And also I will modify to point to the new sawfish wiki

   6. others?

If there is something else related to sawfish, that you wish to
transfer to me, please go on.

================== FUTURE PLANS =================

I certainly will NOT allow people to wreak havoc in the repository. 
I think that we should proceed in following way:

1. make a new sawfish release from current SVN, name it 2.0 since it
   is a release after many years.

2. this will direct attention towards sawfish from many different
   distributions. And they will start talking about maintaining local
   patches specific to each distribution. So we will stronly encourage
   them to submit their patches as soon as they can.

3. Then make a sawfish release 2.1 shorthly thereafter with all the
   patches included.

4. from that point on - merge patches from distrubutions - since most
   often they are only directed towards making sawfish compile on that
   certain platform, or some platform-specific bugs.

5. Now we will have a stable codebase to work with: tabs support,
   xgl/compiz, etc....

6. The above roadmap should be written on a new sawfish wiki (once it
   is ready) :-))

I'm awaiting news from Ian about whether he is ready to join the
SVN repository. I am not a lisp developer at all (I'm quite
experienced in C++, developing , which you
might like to see ;). And in fact I don't even like C.

So I will certainly help with the new wiki website and helping in
managing the project. I suppose that I can manage patches too (to
some extand), but help of someone with more skills in working with
sawfish code is certainly necassary for me. I'm sure that together on
this list we will find more volunteers: Ian, Andrea? :)

best regards
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Janek Kozicki                                                         |
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