Re: reviving sawfish development.

John Harper said:     (by the date of Wed, 27 Jun 2007 17:37:56 -0700)

> > A. Project being dead
> > B. Project being finished.
> right, in (B) you still fix bugs, but not add features

ignoring xgl/composite (which should become standard in few years)
risks making sawfish obsolete. And obsolete is rather more close to
"dead" than to "finished".

> > Yes! That's the spirit. Create a branch, and allow him to work there.
> > We better avoid making a fork in separate repository, becaue this may
> > lead to too much fragmentation and additional problems with merging.
> the two options are basically equivalent, except you wouldn't need a  
> gnome svn account

If branch and trunk are in the same SVN repo, merging is easier
because it's supported by SVN natively. Also you are able to follow
the development more closely, like watching the commit messages and diffs.

So I expect now that Ian will decide whether he wants to work on a
branch in sawfish SVN, or whether he prefers to make a new repository.

Also, if you have so little time, maybe you will let him to make a
new release instead of you doing that? A new sawfish release will be
good for everybody, as everyone (except you) agrees here on this
mailing list. That release would serve as a starting point for Ian's
future development.

> > PS: are you using sawfish on your desktop?
> not regularly. I typically run Apple's quartz-wm

this is part of the problem too. You are less involved by this way,
I think that you can see my point here.

Janek Kozicki                                                         |

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