Re: reviving sawfish development - conclusion

janek_listy wp pl (2007-06-30 at 2257.39 +0200):
> 1. make a new sawfish release from current SVN, name it 2.0 since it
>    is a release after many years.

Just a cosmetic note: there was a v2 around 2002 from mail list post I
have found (I remembered some fuzzy facts, so just searched)... so I
would suggest avoiding it by keeping with 1.4 or even 1.3.1 if first
changes are plain bugs and build process.

Another option is jumping beyond 2, but maybe better when there is
some real changes going on. In any case, better avoid confusions, it
was enough when a 2 appeared and later SF went back to 1.something
(Debian has a "replaces sawfish2" for 1:1.3+svn4194-1 and a lot of
previous versions, ie).

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