Re: [sabayon] While I'm at it, potential change to sabayon. Input, please!

On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 10:46:24AM -0500, Jordan Mantha wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 15, 2009 at 10:20 AM, Scott Balneaves

> > which stores IT'S files in... </me looks into crystal ball, consults entrails,
> > skrys the winds, talks with the oracle...> /etc/desktop-profiles.
> Just so we're clear, oracle or Oracle? ;-)

Good question, I was talking the Oracle at Delphi, but I suspect that select *
from dir_names where package = "desktop-profiles"; might have worked too :)

> /usr is for static files created during program installation and so
> wouldn't be appropriate here unless Sabyon shipped pre-built profiles.
> I think FHS might suggest /var/lib/sabayon as the appropriate place if
> /etc/ is not right.

etc. feels the most right to me, but we'll wait to hear from others.

> > I'd prefer, myself, to just use "sabayon" instead of "sabayon-profiles",
> > because as a first step to cleaning up the logging issue, it might be nice to
> > read the sabayon-debug-log.conf file from the /etc directory as well, so a more
> > generic name would be preferable.
> I think "sabayon" is good with the only possible confusion that I can
> think of is for Sabayon Linux users running Sabayon, but I doubt you'd
> be adding to the confusion.

I've just popped into #sabayon and #sabayon-dev on freenode, and talked with
some of the devs there, and an /etc/sabayon or /etc/sabayon-profiles would not
conflict with anything they've got, or cause any unneccessary confusion, so
we're good on that front.


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