Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Writing a Plugin syncing Playlists to UbuntuOne back and forth

Am Mittwoch, den 26.05.2010, 09:40 +0100 schrieb Stuart Langridge:
> On 05/25/2010 08:52 PM, Kai Wolf wrote:
> >>> currently I'm working on a plugin to sync playlists in rhythmbox to
> >>> DesktopCouch and in a second step to UbuntuOne so that I have access to
> >>> my playlists on all my computers.
> >> Well you won't believe it, I worked on the same and have a plugin that
> >> does most of that, but did not yet publish it. The ubuntu one sync
> >> didn't work here. I still don't know if its a problem on my computers or
> >> a general one but since contacts aren't synced properly it seems to be
> >> an ubuntu one prob. 
> > I am fairly sure that the problem relies on ubuntu one, because I am
> > experiencing the same problems-
> It does. We've been dealing with some scaling issues on the Ubuntu One
> servers, and so desktopcouch sync to Ubuntu One is currently disabled.
> It'll be back on soon -- we're working on it :)
> >> The sync to desktopcouch itself is working good. I
> >> solved the problem with initial sync. I don't sync playlists, because
> >> mine are dynamic. 
> > I'd really like to sync playlists to desktopcouch, because I use them a
> > lot (dynamic generated and the ones created by hand)
> > 
> >> I only sync song statistics such as play count and
> >> rating. I also wrote a similar plugin for Exaile which cooperates with
> >> the same data. But since the ubuntu one sync is not working here its not
> >> finished.
> > 
> > This is a cool attempt, because changing the audioplayer (to Amarok,
> > Banshee, etc) wouldn't cause to redo all of your ratings and playlist. I
> > also have thought of that.
> I'd also be happy to be involved in this, and being the dude who
> designed desktopcouch I've got a certain amount of knowledge about this
> :) I pinned down moch at UDS and talked about how you identify when a
> playlist has changed; the best thing to do is to watch for the normal
> added and removed signals on the treeview for each playlist, and on the
> Playlist header itself (so you can know when new playlists appear or old
> ones are deleted), I think. Since there are at least three people
> thinking about or working on this, we should pool our resources :)

That doesn't help much, I guess. The plugin will be informed every time
a playlist is created or deleted, but the (in my mind) main usage:
adding songs to existings playlists isn't covered here. That's why I was
thinking of dealing with drag&drop/rightclick signals.

I'm wondering if it takes much effort to patch rhythmbox sending signals
when the function for adding songs to a playlist is called.

> (Small bonus note: you can pair desktopcouches on your LAN without going
> through Ubuntu One, which means that you can test this from machine to
> machine even while our desktopcouch data sync is down. See the
> desktopcouch-pair app in the desktopcouch-tools package.)
> sil
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