Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Writing a Plugin syncing Playlists to UbuntuOne back and forth

Hi there,

> currently I'm working on a plugin to sync playlists in rhythmbox to
> DesktopCouch and in a second step to UbuntuOne so that I have access to
> my playlists on all my computers.
Well you won't believe it, I worked on the same and have a plugin that
does most of that, but did not yet publish it. The ubuntu one sync
didn't work here. I still don't know if its a problem on my computers or
a general one but since contacts aren't synced properly it seems to be
an ubuntu one prob. The sync to desktopcouch itself is working good. I
solved the problem with initial sync. I don't sync playlists, because
mine are dynamic. I only sync song statistics such as play count and
rating. I also wrote a similar plugin for Exaile which cooperates with
the same data. But since the ubuntu one sync is not working here its not

I think we really should stay in contact.


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