[Rhythmbox-devel] Writing a Plugin syncing Playlists to UbuntuOne back and forth

Hi everybody,

currently I'm working on a plugin to sync playlists in rhythmbox to
DesktopCouch and in a second step to UbuntuOne so that I have access to
my playlists on all my computers.
By doing this I faced some problems:

First, I haven't found a signal shot when a playlist gets modified,
adding/deleting songs (there are emitted signals for new playlists added
but that doesn't help), so I guess there are none. At least, I couldn't
find such a signal reading through the documentation.

So I can either hack through rhythmbox and append such functionality to
more easily write a syncing plugin which reacts on such a signal or I
develop around this, reacting on drag'n drop signals and right-clicks
from the mouse (because these are the only ways to add or remove songs
from playlists, except the menu entry to add a new song). 

This would be far away from being nice, so I ask you guys for a little

The second thing is that I'm currently unsure how to handle an initial
sync. Best thing would be going through all the playlists once the
plugin got activated and then continue just watching for changes. My
idea is to check if there already exists a database (created by the
plugin) so I know if the plugin was started for the first time or not.
I am not so sure if this is a good idea but haven't found another
solution yet.

Thanks already,

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