Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Writing a Plugin syncing Playlists to UbuntuOne back and forth

On 05/25/2010 08:52 PM, Kai Wolf wrote:
>>> currently I'm working on a plugin to sync playlists in rhythmbox to
>>> DesktopCouch and in a second step to UbuntuOne so that I have access to
>>> my playlists on all my computers.
>> Well you won't believe it, I worked on the same and have a plugin that
>> does most of that, but did not yet publish it. The ubuntu one sync
>> didn't work here. I still don't know if its a problem on my computers or
>> a general one but since contacts aren't synced properly it seems to be
>> an ubuntu one prob. 
> I am fairly sure that the problem relies on ubuntu one, because I am
> experiencing the same problems-

It does. We've been dealing with some scaling issues on the Ubuntu One
servers, and so desktopcouch sync to Ubuntu One is currently disabled.
It'll be back on soon -- we're working on it :)

>> The sync to desktopcouch itself is working good. I
>> solved the problem with initial sync. I don't sync playlists, because
>> mine are dynamic. 
> I'd really like to sync playlists to desktopcouch, because I use them a
> lot (dynamic generated and the ones created by hand)
>> I only sync song statistics such as play count and
>> rating. I also wrote a similar plugin for Exaile which cooperates with
>> the same data. But since the ubuntu one sync is not working here its not
>> finished.
> This is a cool attempt, because changing the audioplayer (to Amarok,
> Banshee, etc) wouldn't cause to redo all of your ratings and playlist. I
> also have thought of that.

I'd also be happy to be involved in this, and being the dude who
designed desktopcouch I've got a certain amount of knowledge about this
:) I pinned down moch at UDS and talked about how you identify when a
playlist has changed; the best thing to do is to watch for the normal
added and removed signals on the treeview for each playlist, and on the
Playlist header itself (so you can know when new playlists appear or old
ones are deleted), I think. Since there are at least three people
thinking about or working on this, we should pool our resources :)

(Small bonus note: you can pair desktopcouches on your LAN without going
through Ubuntu One, which means that you can test this from machine to
machine even while our desktopcouch data sync is down. See the
desktopcouch-pair app in the desktopcouch-tools package.)


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