[Rhythmbox-devel] Rhythmbox pre-release, and landing of generic audio player write support

G'day everyone,

I've put up a pre-release of the upcoming 0.9.8 release at
http://www.gnome.org/~jrl/rhythmbox-, and any testing to
find last-minute bugs or issue would be much appreciated. If everything
goes to plan, I'll be doing the actual release this weekend.

Notable changes since 0.9.7:
* support for copying tracks to generic MP3 players
* support for transcoding to mp3 players/ipods
* visualisation
* Gnome 2.17 multimedia key support
* Many cover art improvements, including:
	+ support for art from URIs (podcasts etc)
	+ art in tray icon tooltip and notification bubble
* Magnatune improvements
* Jamendo online catalog plugin

In regards to the better portable audio player support, if HAL reports
that your device only accepts certain type of audio we will transcode to
the first one it reports that you have an encoding profile for. If HAL
doesn't report any, we just copy everything.

At the moment, Rhythmbox *always* transcodes if HAL reports audio types,
even if the file is already in that format. So it will do MP3->MP3
conversion for example.

We've got plans for plenty of further improvements, but they won't make
it in time for 0.9.8.


James "Doc" Livingston

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