Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Tray Icon Usability & Minor Changes

Le lundi 05 f�ier 2007 �9:08 -0300, tom�pollak a �it :
> >
> > As others have mentioned, the current SVN (and so the upcoming release)
> > displays the cover art in the tooltip and song-change notification.
> >
> > Currently using the scrollwheel over RB's tray icon changes the
> > application volume. We could change it to be "switch tracks" if the
> > general consensus is that doing that is better. Switching tracks is
> > probably a lot more common than changing the volume.
> >
> I stongly believe that changing songs is a much better option. Most
> people (including me) also have the volume icon in the taskbar, with
> which you can change the overall volume. And yes, changing tracks is a
> lot more common than changing the volume. Besides, most new notebooks
> also come with multimedia keys that also let you change the volume.

Actually I prefer the way it is, and as noted in another mail, it's more
sensible to just change rb volume for an incoming sip call for example
than the overall sound volume. For multimedia keys, altought it is more
and more common, you can't still rely on it since support varies from
keyboard to keyboard (and some don't generate the same events than
others, ...).

> the way: any hopes for adding multimedia key support in RB as
> Banshee does? (You can skip songs by pressing the Prev/Fwd key, no
> matter which window is active). Now that's nice.
afaict, there is multimedia support that recently moved to plugin in
Gilles Dartiguelongue <dartigug esiee fr>

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