Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Tray Icon Usability & Minor Changes

As others have mentioned, the current SVN (and so the upcoming release)
displays the cover art in the tooltip and song-change notification.

Currently using the scrollwheel over RB's tray icon changes the
application volume. We could change it to be "switch tracks" if the
general consensus is that doing that is better. Switching tracks is
probably a lot more common than changing the volume.

I stongly believe that changing songs is a much better option. Most
people (including me) also have the volume icon in the taskbar, with
which you can change the overall volume. And yes, changing tracks is a
lot more common than changing the volume. Besides, most new notebooks
also come with multimedia keys that also let you change the volume. the way: any hopes for adding multimedia key support in RB as
Banshee does? (You can skip songs by pressing the Prev/Fwd key, no
matter which window is active). Now that's nice.

> - What about upgrading the iconset in Rhythmbox? It looks kinda
> "oldish" with the ones it currently has. Even the official Rhythmbox
> icon seems a bit outdated compared to the other ones in the menu!

There are some newer icon up at I've been meaning to
post to the list about them, to see what people think.

hmm.... "sanitise podcast feed names" doesn't look like icons to me! :)

> - Small one: when switching from Library to Podcasts to Play Queue or
> whatever, I believe the searchbox input should automatically receive
> focus. You should be able to start typing right away, and not have to
> press anything to do so.

Stealing focus like that is *really* bad for accessibility, and people
without a mouse - it means that if you are using the arrow keys to move
down the source list, you have to tab back to it after each source

Hmm... yes, you're right. And what about making Tab go first the the
searchbox and then forward to the other GUI elements? Haha, perhaps
I'm going too far with this one.. Sorry!


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