Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Patches for discussion

Here's my preference:

- A listbox with a list of directories added as library locations.
- 4 buttons on the side or above - Add, Remove, Edit, Make Primary
- The primary location would have the tag {Primary} after the path in
the listbox.
- Watched locations would have the tag {Watched} after the path in the listbox.
Buttons Uses:
Add - Add a directory with options to watch and/or make primary in same dialog.
Remove - remove selected path from list (if primary is removed pick
first in list to be new primary)
Edit - dialog to edit path and watch option of selected path.
Make Primary - Makes selected path the primary library location.

Let's hope the formatting of this is not TOO messed up (I'm not good
at ASCII art).
+-----------------------------------------------------------+   [ Add 
| /home/user/mp3s  {Primary} {Watched}    |   [ Remove        ]
| /networkshare1/mp3  {Watched}              |   [ Edit              ]
| /networkshare2/mp3                               |   [ Make Primary]
|                                                             |


Joel D.

On 22/02/06, Alex Lancaster <alexl users sourceforge net> wrote:
> >>>>> "JL" == James Livingston  writes:
> [...]
> JL> Given that the majority of people won't want or need multiple
> JL> locations, I don't think we should make it harder for them to use
> JL> because of a minority. However if we can add it in a way that
> JL> doesn't annoy people who don't want to use it, it's good for both
> JL> groups.
> JL> I personally like the "additional library locations" button idea,
> JL> because it is easily ignorable by people who don't want it; they
> JL> either won't press the button, or they will press it, read the
> JL> description and then close the dialog because they don't want the
> JL> feature. It also reinforces the fact that the location selected in
> JL> the main preferences is more important, as it is the "primary"
> JL> library location that would get used for CD ripping, copying off
> JL> ipods, etc.
> Yes, exposing the multiple library location via the UI is a good thing
> and I think your suggestion makes it workable, even for those who only
> use one, primary, location.
> (Ideally you could independently choose watch statuses per directory,
> but that would probably be too much UI clutter).
> Alex
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