[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Patches for discussion


JL> I personally like the "additional library locations" button idea,
JL> because it is easily ignorable by people who don't want it; they
JL> either won't press the button, or they will press it, read the
JL> description and then close the dialog because they don't want the
JL> feature. It also reinforces the fact that the location selected in
JL> the main preferences is more important, as it is the "primary"
JL> library location that would get used for CD ripping, copying off
JL> ipods, etc.

AL> Yes, exposing the multiple library location via the UI is a good
AL> thing and I think your suggestion makes it workable, even for
AL> those who only use one, primary, location.

I applied the patch, but I guess it doesn't yet have support for
multiple locations.  I vote heavily in favour of adding that.


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