[Rhythmbox-devel] Re: Patches for discussion

>>>>> "JL" == James Livingston  writes:


JL> Given that the majority of people won't want or need multiple
JL> locations, I don't think we should make it harder for them to use
JL> because of a minority. However if we can add it in a way that
JL> doesn't annoy people who don't want to use it, it's good for both
JL> groups.

JL> I personally like the "additional library locations" button idea,
JL> because it is easily ignorable by people who don't want it; they
JL> either won't press the button, or they will press it, read the
JL> description and then close the dialog because they don't want the
JL> feature. It also reinforces the fact that the location selected in
JL> the main preferences is more important, as it is the "primary"
JL> library location that would get used for CD ripping, copying off
JL> ipods, etc.

Yes, exposing the multiple library location via the UI is a good thing
and I think your suggestion makes it workable, even for those who only
use one, primary, location.  

(Ideally you could independently choose watch statuses per directory,
but that would probably be too much UI clutter).


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