Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Suggestions for Rhythmbox

Dnia 18-10-2004, pon o godzinie 12:49 -0400, list napisał:
> > systray icon is a way to get to this abstract "IM" functionality
> Well, this isn't the way that most system tray icons work, thus it's not  
> very intuitive to me--maybe there could be an option to switch this. Like  
> if you context clicked the music note in the tray, and there was a line  
> that said 'close to tray' and either had a check or no check. It would be  
> simple and unintrusive. (or it could be in the advanced section of the  
> options, along with the add or remove directories from db refresh list)

Ewww, complicated and clutters contextual menu, which is already big

> I'm using version 0.8.5, built by Ubuntu--I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be  
> the most up to date?

not really, current is IIRC 0.8.8

> streamtuner/about/
> >> directly download lists of mp3 streams, and let the user bookmark and  
> >> quickly search
> >
> > Uhm, could you rephrase?
> Ok, if you go to you will get a list of mp3 radio  
> stations... This is good, but in winamp 5, there is a section of their  
> media manager that will let you query their server for the same info--you  
> get a HUGE list of thousands of stations downloaded directly in your media  
> player. You can do this with streamtuner  
> (, but it is not much of a media  
> jukebox system--it would be excellent to have something similar embedded  
> into the player.
> I think that some of these things are just personal preference, and the  
> last suggestion would be a lot of work--but I also think that many of  
> these ideas would make the player more appealing to a wider audience. I  
> understand that your goal is to make as simple and functional of player as  
> possible, but it would be great to have a few more options.

Someone was working (or at least suggesting some work being done ;) on
it, but that was a while ago. Dunno what happened since then


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