Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Patch proposal: Show album cover as iconnext to the song tiltle

> What do people think? I'm kinda undecided. I like the idea, because in
> there is more space in the sidebar (so I can show a bigger version of
> the cover-art and we really don't need the "tooltip"). On the other side
> I personally don't use the Sourceslist (i have it hidden almost all of
> the time). But that should be no reason if people like the
> sidebar-solution best...

Personally I would prefer to have the cover-art in the bottom of the side bar. I think that it would make the toolbar to appear crowded to put it there.
Moreover, even if the side bar is not expanded a lot (so it won't waste too much space if you don't use it) the cover-art will still be bigger than if it was in the toolbar (where it will be quite small).

Before I switched to Gnome and Rhythmbox I used Wmaker and xmms with the wmalbum dockapps ( 
This dockapps is trying to read any picture in the currently played directory as covert-art (whichever filename it has), I think it would be easier that way : you don't have to worry about the exact filename which could be quite a pain if rhythmbox only try to load the file with the exact album name.


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