Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Patch proposal: Show album cover as iconnext to the song tiltle

Am Do, den 05.02.2004 schrieb Colin Walters um 08:10:

> Very cool!  Thanks for working on this, I think it is nice functionality.
> Ok, so I had a look at your patch.
> First - I'd prefer we kept Rhythmbox working completely over GnomeVFS. 
> Right now your patch attempts to extract a local URI (and will abort if
> the URI isn't local).  Instead, what you should do is just pass the URI
> directly to RBHeader.  It will then use GnomeVFS to open the uri, create
> a new GdkPixbufLoader, and feed the data to the GdkPixbufLoader over
> GnomeVFS.  If you wanted to do it a little bit more cleanly, you could
> put this function somewhere in lib/.

> Also, it would be good to check would be the size of the image; make
> sure it isn't insanely large.  This will prevent someone from putting an
> enormous cover.jpg in a shared directory to cause Rhythmbox to crash.

I just uploaded a new patch to, that "fixes" these
"issues" :-) (uses gnome-vfs and gdkpixbufloader and loads only files <

> Secondarily, we need to abstract the way we decide where the album cover
> is a bit more.  The ID3v2 standard defines a field for including
> pictures:
> Does anyone know how many people actually use this?  If we were actually
> going to support it, we'd need to add it to RBMetadata, and therefore
> GStreamer and/or monkey-media.  

I don't know much about this... I only saw the screenshots of muine on and read that it searches for cover.jpg in the
mp3-directory. Since I thought that this is cool idea, I implemented it
for rhythmbox.

> Do people store album covers in any other way?  Would renaming the
> covers to cover.{jpg,png} be a problem?

I think it's not really a Problem, as long as its documented in the
faq/help of rhythmbox. Another option would be to make the icon
clickable and connect it to a fileselector that lets the user select a
image manually. The file would then be copied to the directory of the
mp3 as "cover.[jpg|gif|png|etc.]" Another option would be to store the
uri for the cover in rhythmdb...

> Also, it could be interesting to think about downloading these
> automatically; I think Muine has support for using's web
> services for this purpose.  Looking at Amazon's web services page, it
> seems their license is actually fairly unrestrictive.  To actually use
> this we'd need to have an (optional) dependency on soup. 

I'll have a look at the muine source-code. Sounds very interesting, but
I'm not very familiar with web-services. The important thing here is
imho the legal issue and it needs to be sure that the location/interface
for retrieving the images doesn't change, otherwise stuff will be broken
most of the time. 

> Finally - have you considered creating an arch branch to work on this? 
> It will make things much easier - you will be able to hack and commit to
> your own branch, and when it's ready we can just pull it in via
> star-merge.

Not yet, but I will have a look at it :-)


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