Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Patch proposal: Show album cover as iconnext to the song tiltle

Am Sa, den 07.02.2004 schrieb Colin Walters um 02:46:
> On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 11:30, Joergen Scheibengruber wrote:

> Cool.  It works here.  Now, before we merge this - I'd like to think
> about what happens when there is no album cover available.  Right now it
> just displays the playlist icon, which seems kind of confusing - if
> you're new to Rhythmbox, it's just an icon with no apparent purpose in
> the UI.


> Right...that seems a bit better to me, but still doesn't seem to solve
> the problem of the user not knowing what the icon is for?  Maybe we
> could make an icon that says "No Cover Available"?
> Also, it'd probably be a good idea to have the icon only appear if an
> album cover has been detected at some point.  So we'd have a GConf key,
> say /apps/rhythmbox/ui/show_album_cover.  This would default to the
> string "maybe".  If a cover.{png,jpg} is detected at any point, and the
> current value is "maybe", then it gets set to "yes", and album covers
> will be displayed from then on.  The user can also explicitly set it to
> "no" to prevent Rhythmbox from looking for album covers at all.  This
> probably warrants a corresponding entry in the preferences too;
> something like: 
> Display album covers: [Yes/If Available/No in a combobox].

That sounds like a good idea :-) The maybe is probably not necessary, I
think having it default to "if available" is fine.
Regarding the icon: imho it's ok, but if someone comes up with a nice
"no cover available", this would of course be better :-)

> ool.  Check out our development page if you haven't seen it already:
> And feel free to ask here or on irc if you have any questions!

Ok, I have created my own branch now :-) It was really easy (with the
instructions on the rb-site).

The location is: and the
branch is

I have changed quite a bit again:
- I have created a own widget RBAlbumIcon in widgets/rb-album-icon.[c|h]
that contains most of the functionality
- I use gnome-vfs-async calls instead of normal ones for loading the
image (like hadess recommended)
- There is now a "tooltip" for the cover_icon, that shows a 200x200
version of the cover (


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