Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] Patch proposal: Show album cover as iconnext to the song tiltle

On Fri, 2004-02-06 at 11:30, Joergen Scheibengruber wrote:

> I just uploaded a new patch to
>, that "fixes" these
> "issues" :-) (uses gnome-vfs and gdkpixbufloader and loads only files <
> 200kb).

Cool.  It works here.  Now, before we merge this - I'd like to think
about what happens when there is no album cover available.  Right now it
just displays the playlist icon, which seems kind of confusing - if
you're new to Rhythmbox, it's just an icon with no apparent purpose in
the UI.

> I think it's not really a Problem, as long as its documented in the
> faq/help of rhythmbox. Another option would be to make the icon
> clickable and connect it to a fileselector that lets the user select a
> image manually. 

Right...that seems a bit better to me, but still doesn't seem to solve
the problem of the user not knowing what the icon is for?  Maybe we
could make an icon that says "No Cover Available"?

Also, it'd probably be a good idea to have the icon only appear if an
album cover has been detected at some point.  So we'd have a GConf key,
say /apps/rhythmbox/ui/show_album_cover.  This would default to the
string "maybe".  If a cover.{png,jpg} is detected at any point, and the
current value is "maybe", then it gets set to "yes", and album covers
will be displayed from then on.  The user can also explicitly set it to
"no" to prevent Rhythmbox from looking for album covers at all.  This
probably warrants a corresponding entry in the preferences too;
something like: 
Display album covers: [Yes/If Available/No in a combobox].

> I'll have a look at the muine source-code. Sounds very interesting, but
> I'm not very familiar with web-services. The important thing here is
> imho the legal issue and it needs to be sure that the location/interface
> for retrieving the images doesn't change, otherwise stuff will be broken
> most of the time. 

I think they advertise it as a service for 3rd-party application
authors, so it seems unlikely they'd gratuitously break it.

> > Finally - have you considered creating an arch branch to work on this? 
> > It will make things much easier - you will be able to hack and commit to
> > your own branch, and when it's ready we can just pull it in via
> > star-merge.
> Not yet, but I will have a look at it :-)

Cool.  Check out our development page if you haven't seen it already:
And feel free to ask here or on irc if you have any questions!

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