Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] rhythmbox: gstreamer vs xine

> Indeed... but, starting with the sidebar and views, there's a lot of
> cruft code causing bugs, code complexity, etc. So that's something basic
> that needs to be solved before imho. That is gone now from CVS, and I
> quite like the new design myself, it's not perfect but it is a start. I
> know most don't like it though. So I would start hacking on it, but if
> noone likes it.. well. Well I guess I'm just coding for myself then ;)

If you like the new design I think you should go ahead with it. It's
your project after all.
I guess your main point is to not have views. I'm sure it's possible to
design a clean interface even without them.
I'm sure people that doesnt like current design will be able to propose
better solutions or at least to point out concrete problems.
Personally I'm not convinced about the queueing stuff, it's a bit too
complex ihmo. I'll try to be more constructive once I get rb compiled
again ;) /me wonder what backend to use ;)


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