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  • [gnome-online-accounts] Created branch gnome-3-24, Debarshi Ray
  • GNOME 3.25.2 released, Javier Jardón
  • $ 10,000 or more monthly? Find out how it works!, Matthew West
  • [swell-foop] Created branch gnome-3-24, Piotr Drąg
  • gnome-recipes 1.4.4, Matthias Clasen
  • aravis 0.5.9, Emmanuel Pacaud
  • Hope your wife is not close to you, Claudia
  • Relicensing Nautilus to GPLv3+, Ernestas Kulik
  • Relicensing Nautilus as GPLv3+, Ernestas Kulik
  • Release schedule change affects GSoC projects, Carlos Soriano
  • This program will fill your pockets with cash!, Alexander Gill
  • NetworkManager 1.8.0, Thomas Haller
  • [gnome-getting-started-docs] Created branch gnome-3-24, Piotr Drąg
  • I’ve bought a new corset, Deborah
  • gnome-recipes 1.4.2, Matthias Clasen
  • gnome-recipes 1.4.0, Matthias Clasen
  • [libsoup] Created branch gnome-3-24, Dan Winship
  • gnome-recipes 1.0.8, Matthias Clasen
  • gnome-recipes 1.0.6, Matthias Clasen
  • gstreamer 1.12.0, Sebastian Dröge
  • gst-plugins-good 1.12.0, Sebastian Dröge
  • gst-plugins-base 1.12.0, Sebastian Dröge
  • I could make you happy, Blanca
  • I love man to be powerful and rude, Karen
  • Hi!, great
  • [file-roller] Created branch gnome-3-24, Paolo Bacchilega

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