Re: Release schedule change affects GSoC projects

On Mon, May 15, 2017 at 6:35 AM, Andre Klapper <ak-47 gmx net> wrote:
I would not oppose moving "The Freeze" && 3.25.90 release to August
14th. I'd oppose making the entire release schedule (=3.26.0 release) a
week longer though, as distributions need to rely on plans.

Hm, I agree that we should not move the 3.26.0 release. I'm OK with other schedule changes. But if we move 3.25.90 and change nothing else, then we have only one week between 3.25.90 and 3.25.91. I don't think there is much value in doing the 3.25.91 release at all in that case.

That said, my experience has been that student projects benefit from having the fall/winter release cycle to bake in master, rather than trying to sneak them in at the last minute. I know it's very important to get projects committed to master, as otherwise they're liable to be lost and discarded, but I think the ideal time for that to happen is right *after* branching for the fall release. (Of course, students should only pass if their work is actually committed to master before the end of GSoC, but there's no reason that has to happen before branching.) This means less new stuff to showcase for 3.26.0, but also more new stuff to showcase for 3.28.0, so that seems fine to me.


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