Re: String changes in gnome-backgrounds

Hi Matthias!

> From my perspective as a release team member, the overarching goal is
> to ship something that will get people excited about GNOME 3.
> Considering that we cut down a lot on other 'tweakability' aspects,
> having at least set of fresh backgrounds to go with the new background
> panel is probably more important than following the processes to the
> letter. (...)

Be sure that the i18n team knows that GNOME 3.0 will not be a shiny
example of how releases and freezes should work and we really approved
many (all?) freeze break requests coming from gnome-shell and other core
modules. We really don't try to make everybody live more difficult than
it already is.

But I would still kindly ask everybody to follow the rules we have set
for years now and that have proven to be extremely useful. Nobody has
even mentioned that commit to be reverted as it is in for some time now
anyway and most likely translated anyway by some teams already. But by
asking you would have received valuable information that would have been
easy to integrate in the commit. Touching it now to add comments (which
will still hopefully happen after the release) is additional work for

I hope you see my point and I am totally aware that some people are
working day & night to get GNOME3 out.


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