Re: String changes in gnome-backgrounds

2011/3/23 Johannes Schmid <jhs jsschmid de>:
> Hi Jon!
>> > The commits were:
> Sorry, this isn't the way to handle string freeze requests. You didn't
> get any approval to change that strings. They don't really look release
> critical to me either.
> Please follow the official way for string freeze breaks. As F Wolff is
> pointing out there should be translator comments on the strings and
> there aren't.
> We are already have major trouble in this release with tons of string
> changes after hard code freeze (and not only after string freeze).
> Regards,
> Johannes

Fully agreeing with Johannes here, but want to stress that Release
Team should be informed of all important freeze breaks and cases when
freeze request procedure is not respected. I'm sure breaks against
hard code freeze like these are even more interesting to the Release

Release Team: Thread at


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