Re: String changes in gnome-backgrounds

On Wed, 2011-03-23 at 21:24 +0100, Jorge González wrote:
> Definitely we're gonna ship something that will get people excited, at
> least to those who speak English, since I cannot remember that many
> string freeze breaks, late updates, bla-bla-blah since many, many
> releases ago. I doubt many teams are gonna make it, seriously. Just
> check the stats.

Yes, we should all try to stick to rules.
However this release cycle is quite exceptional, and everybody is
working on his and her limits.
And while 100% translation coverage certainly looks nice, the User
Experience will be less "decreased" by an untranslated schema string or
English names for background pictures than by the technical or design
issues that don't get solved before the release, even if admittedly
attempting to solve them quite late.

Personally I expect 3.2 to be way smoother again, and I thank all the
translation teams for their awesome work so far to keep up with the pace
of last minute development as the remaining missing pieces for 3.0 get

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