Re: Longer release schedule preparation?

Olav Vitters wrote:

> > So I guess we'd just like some reassurance that we'll be able to count
> > on releases to continue to be available by the end of March and the
> > end of September, but if we could figure out which weeks that would be
> > even better. :)
> Personally, prefer delaying any decision after GNOME 3 is out as it is a
> critical release.
> Also not sure if we can plan so far ahead. We need to take conferences
> and so on into account. Usually we do not have the liberty of deciding
> when GUADEC happens.

I think we've been fine with the six months cycle and there's no
reason it would change, but having a few weeks to play with is nice,
which means it's impossible today to know if releases will happen  end
of September or early October.

And I don't think it is much of a worry, as we are keeping our 6
months schedule, and some little variability should be something all
distributions should accept.


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