Re: Longer release schedule preparation?


Am Dienstag, den 01.06.2010, 15:22 -0400 schrieb Jorge O. Castro:
>  * Would it be possible for us to collaborate on a longer-looking view
> on releases? We're looking to become even more predictable than the
> typical 6 month cycle but it wouldn't work for us for example if we
> had a release that ended up before a final upstream GNOME release,
> which is why I'd like to start this discussion sooner rather than
> later and show you our current draft plan.

If this is only about dates: I think there are currently no plans to
change the six months GNOME development schedule (end of March and end
of September of each year) that we've had for the last years. Also I
assume that distributors expect this and plan with it.
There sometimes have been discussions that six months are not enough to
work on bigger changes but I don't agree with it as bigger changes can
be developed in parallel (gvfs, gnome-shell, etc).

>  * The past releases have shown that it's a pretty reliable schedule,
> would it be much effort to map it out for the next 2 years?

It is unclear to me what the exact advantage for distributors and GNOME
would be here, compared to the current situation.
Is this only about dates, or also about vision?

If the latter I agree. After the release of GNOME 3 it should be
discussed what GNOME 4 should become feature- and user experience-wise,
and a vague timeframe should be defined.

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