Longer release schedule preparation?

Hi release team!

Over in Ubuntu-land we're doing our best to schedule our releases more
ahead of time (out to 2012) than we have in the past. For almost 6(!)
years now we've derived our release schedule for GNOME itself which
has been really great and reliable. However as we're growing we're
finding that we need to start looking further out than 6 months (for
things like venues for our summits, etc.) Since aligning our work with
GNOME is a crucial part of our process I would like to start talking
about a more long term view. Our current draft schedule looks like


I would like to bring up some ideas to the release team and start a discussion:

 * Would it be possible for us to collaborate on a longer-looking view
on releases? We're looking to become even more predictable than the
typical 6 month cycle but it wouldn't work for us for example if we
had a release that ended up before a final upstream GNOME release,
which is why I'd like to start this discussion sooner rather than
later and show you our current draft plan.
 * The past releases have shown that it's a pretty reliable schedule,
would it be much effort to map it out for the next 2 years?


Jorge Castro
jorge (at) ubuntu.com
External Project Developer Relations
Canonical Ltd.

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