Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> >>> The thing is I wouldn't want to go with dvcs mirror and find people
> >>> complaining "oh no it is no true bzr/git/hg".  This is why I believe
> >>> the survey should also be (a little bit) about the possible solutions.
> >> I don't think any of us want to end up with the mirror thing.  If for any we
> >> end up having that choice considered, we can do another survey.
> > 
> > And I think your personal opinion of what is the common opinion
> > shouldn't interfer with the choice of questions :)
> Selective quoting...  I also said this survey is about an individual's
> preference of DVCS systems, not about various implementation strategies we
> *may* end up pursuing.  I want to keep it short and focused.

Sorry for the selective quoting, it was not intended to misrepresent
your views.

I do think the survey result will be interpreted as a decision "we
must switch to $dvcs", "we will keep svn".  Even if "The survey
results will be informational" is mentioned.  At least I kind of fear

> What is this question supposed to tell us?  What data are you gathering and
> how does it affect our decision process?  For data gathered by the above

It would tell us about a possible implementation strategy we may
choose afterwards.  But as you say, limesurvey is now installed and
can be reused later.

> question to be meaningful we should add another question or two asking about
> user's familiarity and usage of such $dvcs mirror.  How do you make decisions
> based on it?  git-svn is crap right now.  If we decide to deploy it we need to
> fix it.  How do you ask people if they would be fine using a yet-to-be-fixed tool?

Note git mirror is not about straight git-svn but


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