Frederic Peters wrote:
> Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
>>> The thing is I wouldn't want to go with dvcs mirror and find people
>>> complaining "oh no it is no true bzr/git/hg".  This is why I believe
>>> the survey should also be (a little bit) about the possible solutions.
>> I don't think any of us want to end up with the mirror thing.  If for any we
>> end up having that choice considered, we can do another survey.
> And I think your personal opinion of what is the common opinion
> shouldn't interfer with the choice of questions :)

Selective quoting...  I also said this survey is about an individual's
preference of DVCS systems, not about various implementation strategies we
*may* end up pursuing.  I want to keep it short and focused.

> Really, it must be because I see an effective $dvcs mirror system
> as the solution that would please all, forcing a tool on none, and
> I still don't understand what is so wrong about it.

Sure, if we decide so later, we can do another survey if needed.  No harm done.

>     What if an effective $dvcs mirror was implemented ?
>       ( ) sure it will be ok
>       ( ) no it will still be svn-that-must-die

What is this question supposed to tell us?  What data are you gathering and
how does it affect our decision process?  For data gathered by the above
question to be meaningful we should add another question or two asking about
user's familiarity and usage of such $dvcs mirror.  How do you make decisions
based on it?  git-svn is crap right now.  If we decide to deploy it we need to
fix it.  How do you ask people if they would be fine using a yet-to-be-fixed tool?



>         Frederic

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