Frederic Peters wrote:
> To be honest my preference would be to keep svn as common ground and
> have effective dvcs mirrors, in a setup that wouldn't hinder $dvcs
> functionalities (unlike using git-svn).

The survey is designed to gather personal preferences.  For any one person, he
either prefers git over svn or he doesn't.  I really doubt that anyone,
forgetting about implementation problems, really prefers git-svn.  As in "oh,
no, please don't move it to use.  I love using git-svn".


> Perhaps an option "svn (with effective dvcs mirrors)" could be added
> to the rank ordered question.
> Actually, speaking of ordered answers, perhaps question 5 could also
> be converted, as
>  1) I develop code,
>  2) I test (other modules, even though the (d)vcs is less relevant
>     thanks to jhbuild),
>  3) I translate.
> Anyway thanks for working on this Behdad,
>         Frederic
> John, copy of the previous email below:
>> Behdad Esfahbod wrote:
>>> Hello board, release-team, and sysadmin team members,
>>> I said on different occasions that I'll work on a DVCS survey that we can ask
>>> our committers to fill in to get an idea of which way we need to go.  I did an
>>> early draft and passed on to Vincent, Owen, Federico, Elijah, and Olav.  After
>>> two rounds of incorporating their feedback, it's ready for wider consideration:
>>> Please discuss.  I'll send it out as soon as all groups approve it.  Note that
>>> the "privacy statement" right now is incorrect.  When eventually running this,
>>> I will switch to a token-based system that disallows anonymous voting.
>>> Currently planning on sending tokens to all GNOME SVN committers (maybe only
>>> those who have a public key installed, to weed out inactive accounts).
>>> Cheers,
>>> behdad

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