Behdad Esfahbod wrote:

> > The thing is I wouldn't want to go with dvcs mirror and find people
> > complaining "oh no it is no true bzr/git/hg".  This is why I believe
> > the survey should also be (a little bit) about the possible solutions.
> I don't think any of us want to end up with the mirror thing.  If for any we
> end up having that choice considered, we can do another survey.

And I think your personal opinion of what is the common opinion
shouldn't interfer with the choice of questions :)

Really, it must be because I see an effective $dvcs mirror system
as the solution that would please all, forcing a tool on none, and
I still don't understand what is so wrong about it.

    What if an effective $dvcs mirror was implemented ?

      ( ) sure it will be ok
      ( ) no it will still be svn-that-must-die


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