Re: New unapproved external dependency?

On 8/16/07, Frederic Crozat <fcrozat mandriva com> wrote:
> > No, actually libelf is used to determine if debug symbols are present
> > (and use bug-buddy to launch gdb) or not (and dumps a breakpad
> > minidump).
> So, it should be a hard dependency ?

Yeah, I think so. It this is not acceptable, I could copy/paste the
code for accessing elf information from sysprof

> > I have the code to build google-breakpad conditionally to the platform
> > (right now only Linux x86 and Solaris x86, and soon it would be
> > buildable also on both x86-64). I'll commit it soon.
> This is excellent news.

FYI this is already committed (thanks to Radisson hotels free internet
access! :p )


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