Updating minimum version of an existent external dep

Hi all, 

I'm wondering if there is a restriction on when we can update a minimum
requirement of an external dependency in the release cycle. The question
is that poppler 0.6 rc2 has just been released and there are plans to
release poppler 0.6 on 15th of September. That's very late in the GNOME
schedule. Poppler API (actually glib bindings, which is the part evince
depends on) is going to change (breakage) before poppler 0.6, so I would
like to release evince 0.10 (to be released in GNOME 2.20) depending on
poppler 0.6 since it will be more API stable. I've already proposed to
release 0.6 earlier, but I'm not sure if the GNOME schedule is a good
reason for the other poppler guys.

Anyway, If it's too late to update the minimum required version, we can
just release evince 0.10 depending on poppler rc2 and update the
requirements later during 2.21/2.22.

Carlos Garcia Campos
   elkalmail yahoo es
   carlosgc gnome org
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