Re: Updating minimum version of an existent external dep


Am Mittwoch, den 15.08.2007, 19:38 -0600 schrieb Elijah Newren:
> On 8/15/07, Carlos Garcia Campos <carlosgc gnome org> wrote:
> > Anyway, If it's too late to update the minimum required version, we can
> > just release evince 0.10 depending on poppler rc2 and update the
> > requirements later during 2.21/2.22.
> There's no restriction in the rules we've written; just whether you
> can get consensus for the change.  :-)
> Sept 15 is indeed really late in the schedule for us, and I worry
> about whether their release would slip; but if you're fine releasing
> an evince that depends on a release candidate, then I guess we could
> always use it as a backup.
> So, I think I'm okay with this but I'd like feedback from others in
> the team for their opinions.  Also, either way, please keep us
> informed of any changes in the poppler schedule.

exactly the same opinion as elijah here. :-)
feel feel to port and test evince to depend on poppler 0.6rc2 if you're
okay with depending on that rc if the final 0.6 release will be delayed.


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