Re: glade 3 UI freeze break request

On Thu, 2007-08-16 at 18:28 -0600, Elijah Newren wrote:
> > Frankly, I don't really like the way you are pushing this change. It is
> > kind of pre-emptying the decision. It would have been nicer to wait
> > until you get the approval to commit it..
> Strongly agree.  Tristan, please revert in svn until you get the
> necessary approvals.

To tell you the honest truth, I made the code change in svn because
its been waiting for months and I didnt want to let it slide, also
its a popular feature that people would probably want in 3.4.

That being said, firing the UI freeze break request was only a single
operation amongst the review, work I had to do to get the patch
integratable, bugmail & changelog updates etc... I really do weigh
things in terms of work, and doing a half hour research project to
prepare a formal paper to present to the release comittee is a
really significant amount of work; much more then casually hollering
over your shoulder to the release team dude beside you and hoping
to get an answer soonish.

> Also, as per,
> you haven't provided rationale as to why this change is needed, and
> why it's needed now.  The bug has been open for quite some time.  Can
> you please address this issue to make it easier to weigh?
> Sorry if it sounds like I'm being draconian; but maybe I am.  :-)  I
> do appreciate your hard work.

I understand and I dont take offense to your comments, as I noted
in the bug report its simply a matter of adjusting the xml catalog
to make sure the dialog doesnt apear in glade thus the UI will not
have changed.

I'm not about to go reading the bug report and wasting more of our
precious energies just to get a feature in one release cycle earlier,
I'll disable the dialog in svn and re-enable it if I get another OK
from the release team.

In the same vain, I hope I'm not bashing on the release team
because I think they're doing great things too, I'm just not
prepared to spend more time & energy just to break the UI freeze -
I requested the freeze and if you decide to deny it then just
deny it.


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