Re: [orca-list] Installing Ubuntu mate 20.10 with orca

Thanks to Kyle for the workaround shown below! Having done this, I now have a talking Ubuntu Mate 21.10.  I still find that the login screen does not talk.  Since I'm the only user on this box, it's not really a blocker, but it would be nice to have a talking login session.  Time to run a gui that needs root access, and see if that talks as it should.


Dave  H.

On 9/18/21 3:02 AM, Kyle via orca-list wrote:
Start the live iso normally by pressing the enter key a few seconds after booting, or just wait, as the timeout will take you to the same place. Once you hear the tune letting you know it's started, press alt+super+s to turn on the screen reader. Press tab, space, tab and space. After the first space, you may hear the word "frame" spoken. Just ignore it and move on to the second tab and space. You should hear "screen

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