Re: [orca-list] Can I tell if I'm muted in Zoom for Linux?

Well, this is not a voiceover support list but Space + M? That's going to give you a space and a capital M. Here's what Apple Support has to say about muting speech on VoiceOver.

Unless the Apple support docs are out of date, it is not a single shortcut key. I was misremembering the problem though. You can turn the volume down on VoiceOver and therefore still hear the Zoom call.

Like i said, I asked about this on a list, probably MacVisionaries. If my information is incorrect, I have good reasons for it.

On 9/19/21 9:06 AM, r d t prater gmail com wrote:
What? Space + M should silence speech on VoiceOver fine. I’m running Fedora, so Ill have to try that Control + Backslash thing. Also lol I can’t even get Braille working in the GUI with Orca on Linux. Probably some group my user is not in or something dumb like that.
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On Sep 18, 2021, at 8:23 AM, John G. Heim via orca-list <orca-list gnome org <mailto:orca-list gnome org>> wrote:

Oh, man! That sure as heck did it! Whew! Just to be clear for others reading this thread... Control \ control \ shows the buttons for mute/unmute, start/stop video, etc. I am indeed using the version of Zoom downloaded from their web site and it works. In fact, the beauty of this thing is that I have a braille display so I can turn off speech in orca and still read those buttons. I am pretty sure you cannot do that in MacOS. I asked on a list for Mac users and apparently, there is no way to toggle speech on/off in VoiceOver. You can turn the volume all the way down but then you won't be able to hear the call. So orca beats VoiceOver here.

On 9/17/21 11:14 PM,prayner unimelb edu au <mailto:prayner unimelb edu au>wrote:
First don't feel too bad about this either way, it's obviously a
problem for sighted users too "you're on mute" should be the
phrase-of-the-year for 2020 and 2021. Next the answer to this depends
a lot on which version of zoom you're using. At the moment I'm using
the snap version with ubuntu 18.04LTS. With this version, provided the
toolbar is "visible" I can tab through the controls, one of which is
"mute" or "unmute" depending on current state. Video and recording
work similarly. Note the toolbar seems to vanish from time to time,
ctrl-\ (control backslash) seems to get it back reliably.
Now if someone can find me a way to stop screensharing once I've
started I'd be most grateful.
Note that the downloaded version of zoom from their web-site is much
less accessible. I suspect that's the version you're using since the
behaviour you note is what I saw with that. The flatpak version is
*probably* accessible too once the magic flags have been set. One
collaboration App vaguely under control, 36 to go :-) Next week Teams
on linux.
John G. Heim writes:
Other than asking everybody else on a Zoom call if they can hear me, how=20
can I tell if I am muted while using the Zoom client for Linux?

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