Re: [orca-list] LibreOffice Writer issue and help requested

I've seen this issue as well, or one quite like it. It doesn't happen
all the time, but it does happen occasionally. I've narrowed it down to
just after a libreoffice update. After you've updated libre office but
before you restart the gui or the computer, the items for libreoffice's
programs, calc, writer, etc disappear from the office menu and won't
turn up if you search for them in gnome or unity, and it doesn't quite
work right if you launch it manually or by clicking on a document. I'm
wondering if it's something with libre office or the underlying desktop
file system? What I mean by that is the .desktop files that get changed
when you update a program, not the filesystem your programs and data are
on. It's very hard to pin down but I'm glad other people are
experiencing it, I was chalking it up to this slow mac book I'm having
to use until my new laptop comes in later this week.
Kendell Clark

B. Henry wrote:
It's working now after restartting the GUI. 
It was worse, i.e. some things were indeed not available because I'd messed up the document's formatting 
and did not know it, but for some reason some 
things were not being reported correctly to orcd it seems. 
Anyway, going to try and get my libreoffice work done this evening.
It was late, and I had little time to try and get things done, so I asked for help sooner than I normally 
would have. 
Thanks much for your prompt reply.
I might have only sent that reply to you, will look when I clean out my sent mail folder. 
This one should go both on list and to you.

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