Re: [orca-list] Accessibility Testing in Ubuntu 12.04

I don't understand what's so hard about configuring Precise to use an
accessible gnome environment.  Once you get the hang of it, it's easy
as pie.  All  you ahve to do is install the gnome and
gnome-session-fallback packages and then change the session to
gnome-classic in lightdm.conf and your username file in

1.  sudo apt-get install gnome gnome-session-fallback
2.  sudo nano /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf
3.  change x session from unity to gnome-classic
4.  control x, y for yes and enter to save under the same file name.
5.  sudo nano /var/lib/AccountServices/users/Your_login_name
6.  As before, edit the line containing the x-session and change it to
7.  Save and exit
8.  Reboot.
9 Enjoy

Whole thing probably take you an hour or two just because of the
packages that have to download.  The hard part is in get speakup to
work right  for you in console.  I got it working so long as I start
it manually and don't log into x.  If I want to switch back and forth
between x and console, forget it.  It's absolutely intolerable for me
and I am determined to find a way to fix that but, such are matters
for me now.
Alex M

On 3/12/12, hackingKK <hackingkk gmail com> wrote:
Hi Thomas,

On 13/03/12 00:29, Thomas Ward wrote:
On 3/12/12, Christopher Chaltain<chaltain gmail com>  wrote:

"Don't forget that Gnome hasn't stood still either. Gnome 2 has been
replaced with Gnome 3, and although I haven't used it, myself
understanding is that the Gnome Shell in Gnome 3 has gone through quite
a few changes, is a "flashier GUI" itself and has had it's own growing
pains with respect to accessibility."

Oh, definitely. Its taken me a while to adapt to Gnome 3 because of
that fact, but as of Gnome 3.2 its acceptable. It could be better, but
as long as I can use it I'm not going to complain too loudly. Which is
why I am upset with Unity right now.

So can you update me with what all works pritty well with gnome 3.2?
Are there different keyboardd shortcuts I will have to learn?
Has accessibility improved in terms of performance with gnome 3.2?

I wouldn't have minded as much if Unity was accessible, but as it is
now the "everything is broken" state is unacceptable. Which means for
a stable production system I have to resort to installing extra
packages and configure it just to get a reasonably accessible
installation. Its not that I can't do it, but the principle of the
thing that right now Ubuntu is less accessible than prior versions..
While there is hope many of these things will get fixed before 12.04
is released I'm concerned access is taking a backseat to Ubuntu's
marketing strategy.

I am going to bring this to the notice of the Canonical's head for
Indian and east Asia.  He is a good friend and some where some how this
has to trickle downn from top officials to the development team.
In any case if they don't do their best, Vinux will always come to the
rescue by remastering Ubuntu and grabbing all packages by default.

"Someone also said that Unity was trying to mimic Windows 8's new
interface, but remember that Unity has been around longer than Windows
8, so either MS is trying to mimic Unity or they're both learning from
the success Apple has had on multiple platforms."

Right. When I first started looking at Unity my first thought was
Ubuntu is attempting to come up with an interface similar to Apple's
iOS which will be fine once its accessible. I have no complaints about
Ubuntu wanting to come up with a newer flashier interface as that
seems to be the trend for everyone. As someone pointed out Windows 8
is a huge departcher from prior Windows user interfaces, and Microsoft
seems to be following Apple's example.

And we must all remember that the trend for smaller and smaller machines
is growing and tablets are becoming popular.
Happy hacking.

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