Re: [orca-list] Accessibility Testing in Ubuntu 12.04

Hi Alan,

Yeah, that's a tough one. I think what you are doing is probably the
best approach right now. Just filing a bug report on launchpad isn't
enough. The Youtube videos accurately demonstrates the problems all of
us are having with Unity and Orca and shows the Unity developers
exactly what is broken and what needs to be fixed. It explains the
problem in more detail than any written bug report I've ever read.

However, I've never understood why Cononical decided to dump Gnome in
favor of Unity in the first place. There doesn't seem to be any
advantage in Unity over Gnome, and in fact for those of us with
disabilities it has made matters much worse, because we have to
install a system where everything is broken and then attempt to
install Gnome, configure it to login by default, just to get a usable
GUI. I wonder if there is a way we could convince the Ubuntu
developers to pull Unity from Ubuntu until the access issues are
resolved, or to release a Ubuntu version with Gnome instead. There is
Kubuntu so why not Gubuntu?


On 3/11/12, Alan Bell <alanbell ubuntu com> wrote:
Hi Petra,

basically the testing is done by humans like me in the community and
bugs are reported on Launchpad which mostly get fixed at some point.
This is not good enough, and I have been working on fixing that, I did
some videos last week showing how completely broken it all is, and these
were viewed by quite a lot of the developers, and I have been submitting
testing scripts for using the desktop with orca for a guided manual
testing tool called checkbox. These will need a bit of fixing over time
as I was mostly writing them without the desktop actually working
properly at the time.
I also produced a short document which will hopefully be used by the
unity team before they release broken stuff again (small bits of
brokenness we expect and understand in the development release, but the
current "everything doesn't work" situation is really unhelpful.)

Yes, I do know that Google docs and Youtube videos are not the most
accessible of things for a wide audience.

What other things should we be testing for, or what other testing
methodologies should we use to make it better?

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