Re: [orca-list] [Fwd: Re: Proposal: Remove the emacspeak suppport]

On Fri, 2012-01-06 at 13:53 +0600, Dmitri Paduchikh wrote:

I can help with code of if needed.

Awesome. Thanks! What will probably happen is I'll move it and break
things left and right. And then you can fix it. ;)

 For beginning,
would you mind applying my patch posted recently on orca-devel-list?

Sure if you wouldn't mind opening a bug in bugzilla and attaching that
patch. We don't use the orca-devel-list much. And we do track things in

would be nice to do even if you decide to remove Emacspeak support
because the patch fixes bug outside of Somebody added
method updatePunctuationLevel to Speech Dispatcher interface but did not
provide empty implementation for it in speechserver.SpeechServer. This
broke Emacspeak support.

*nods* My bad for not catching it.

Actually, after some thought it appears to me that removing Emacspeak
support wouldn't probably be that harmful for its users as long as you
keep speechserver.SpeechServer interface functioning. One could then
just place modules with Emacspeak support somewhere on sys.path and load
them in his/her orca customizations script.

Really? That would make me happy. And it might be an awesome and
appropriate compromise. Please give that some serious thought and if it
indeed seems like this will not pose any issues we can remove it and we
can add some documentation. (Official documentation gets localized by
the uber-awesome GNOME i18n team.)

 It would be even easier if
Orca had support for system-wide customization scripts in special
directory, say, /etc/orca.d. Third party extensions could then easily
add customization snippets there in order to load and set up themselves.

Hmmmm.... That's a pretty interesting idea. Would you mind also opening
a bug/rfe for that kind of support?

Thanks and take care.

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