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I agree with Janina 100% here. Using something like Vinux will help us
narrow the problems down to weather it is a hardware issue, distro
issue, or whatever. Vinux is very stable, has all the accessibility
packages setup and in place, and it will be much more productive than
trying to help Riverwind learn the skills of dealing with Debian
Squeeze as well as trying to debug any hardware/software issues with
it too. The goal is not to go to school to debug Linux at this point,
but to get a well known working Linux distribution in place first.
After that, if there still are problems and issues we can determine
what exactly the issue is causing the crashing and instability.

On 10/15/11, Janina Sajka <janina rednote net> wrote:
OK, so here's the deal.

Debian Squeeze is a perfectly good distribution, if you have the skills
to know how to work with it.

In just the past few messages we've heard from a long-time Debian user
who's had no problems with Debian Squeeze. We've also heard from someone
else who seems to have been unprepared to install Debian. Perhaps he bit
off more than he was ready to chew at the moment? Lastly, we've heard
from someone who expressed the rather wacky notion that you might need
to "bet the farm" to switch between gnome-speech and speech-dispatcher.

It should be very plain from these messages that skills matter.
Furthermore, not everyone has them. While it may be human nature to put
the blame elsewhere, that's not a productive approach.

So, I ask Riverwind again, are we going to school now to learn the
skills involved in debugging? Or, is the real goal here to get a working
system up and running as expeditiously as possible? If the latter, I
still suggest Vinux--for the same reason implied by our unprepared
Debian installer below.

One advantage to putting Vinux on this machine is that we will quickly
discover whether there's a hardware issue. That hasn't been ruled out.

Meanwhile, if we're going to hack, let's ask the next question: What
speech subsystem is being used? Does it speak from a console command
line? And, by the way, what is the nature of this crashing? When does it
happen? What are its characteristics? Do we know whether the load level
is being driven through the roof? Etc., etc., etc., etc.


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