Re: [orca-list] Structural HTML navigation by lists

Hey Marcus.

The new pop-up menu is using the criteria/predicate (for searching) and
present (for presenting) properties of the corresponding
StructuralNavigationObject instance.

Awesome. It sounds like you are (already were) heading in the same direction I was envisioning. Nice!

This safes many lines of code. The current changes will result into a
patch with ~ 850 lines. My last patch on the other hand has more than
1500 lines.

Also nice.

This could be done if you add two lines like above to the corresponding
method (_spellingErrorsBindings or so). As I said the search and
presentation is done by the *Criteria/*Predicate and *Presentation methods.

Two lines ain't bad. :-)

joanie, I have tested the guessTheLabel method some days ago to save
more code. But this method has returned mostly empty labels. And
currently it seems to me that this method is only executed on form
fields. Could this be true?

Not just could; definitely is. What label guessing* does is just that: guess** the label for unlabeled form fields. Ignoring Orca for a moment... A label is not the same as a name; it's a separate object (GtkLabel, <label>foo</label>, etc.) that... labels... another object. And that typically only occurs in form fields (and dialog boxes): specifically in widgets which expect data to be provided or altered.

Getting back to Orca.... If a widget is properly labelled, then then that widget should obtain its (accessible) name via the label automagically. Thus there is no reason for us to guess a label because we have a name we can trust. If the thing isn't a widget, but is instead some sort of text object, then it doesn't make sense to guess as we're interested in the displayed text.

(Make sense?)


* soon to be renamed label inference -- Ale doesn't like 'guess' ;-)
** infer ;-)

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